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               FADE IN:

               INT. HANGER / AREA 51 - NIGHT

               Damen is sitting in the middle of the hanger with his hands
               and feet zip tied to a chair.  Blood drips out of his mouth
               and nose, collecting on the ground.  There is a spot light
               shining in his face.  The rest of the room is in complete

                             (from the shadows)
                         Who else know's you're here?

               Damen doesn't say a word.  From the shadows a soldier circles
               around Damen and strikes him in the face with his fist.

                         Who's on the other end of your

               Damen sits back up.

               EXT. AREA 51 - NIGHT (FLASHBACK)

               Damen is in the Nevada desert on a ridgeline overlooking Area
               51.  He's taking photographs using a telephoto lens on his
               camera.  The base is so bright with lights and activity that
               no stars can be seen in the nighttime sky.

               Suddenly from his left, two spotlights are turned on pointing
               directly him.  The lights are attached to two pick-up trucks
               racing toward his location.  Damen begins to run but quickly
               realizes there is no place to go.  He places the memory stick
               of the camera down his sleeve.  

                                   		SOLDIER 1
                             (over a bullhorn)
                         Freeze, you are trespassing on
                         government property.  Drop your
                         equipment, place your hands behind
                         your head and get on your knees.
                         If you fail to comply we are
                         authorized to use deadly force.

               The first pick-up has taken a tactical position.  One soldier
               is standing behind the passenger door with his M4 rifle.  The
               other soldier is behind the driver side door.

               The second pick-up pulls into position.  Both soldiers exit
               and rush to Damen with 9mm pistols drawn.

                                   SOLDIERS 3,4
                         Down. Down. On the ground now.

               The soldier behind the door speaks into his walkie-talkie.

                                   SOLDIER 1
                         We got him. Call in the local.
                         Sector seven is clear. 

               One of the soldiers places a knee in Damens' back, zip ties
               his hands and confiscates his camera. 

               Moments later the Nevada State Sheriff arrives and takes
               Damen into custody.

               EXT. AREA 51 - NIGHT

               The sheriff is walking Damen back to the police car.

                         Son, you're about a dumb as a box
                         of rocks.  When are you yahoos
                         going to realize those bastards
                         don't fuck around.  They're no
                         little green men in space ships out
                         there. That is a restricted area
                         and those boys have the right to
                         shoot your ass off.

                         I take it I'm not the first person
                         you arrested for this.

                         You're not the first and you won't
                         be the last.
                         People been coming up there taking
                         pictures of that place for years. 
                         What they don't realize is that
                         this area is lined with motion
                         detectors and other government spy

               The sheriff spits out a mouthful of chewing tobacco.
			 And every time we have to come and
                         arrest you fuckers, well to be
                         honest with you son, it pisses me
                         off.  It's a big waste of time for
                         me and you.  I wish those goddamn 
			 government bastards would take care 
			 of their own shit.


               Damen walks out of the sheriff's station and dials a number
               on his cell phone.

                             (on the phone)
                         Hey, you still got your pilots

                                   STEVE (O.S.)
                         Yeah dude, what's up?

                         I got arrested last night.

                         For what?

                         I'll tell you later.  Can you meet
                         me at the Galaxy Hotel in three
                         hours?  I need a huge favor from

                         No problem.

                         And bring your gear.

                                   STEVE (O.S.)

                         Yeah.  Everything.

               INT. GALAXY HOTEL / LAS VEGAS - DAY

               There's a knock on the door.  It's Steve.  He has two huge
               hockey bags with him.

                         Here's the gear.  So what the hell

                         I'm working on a new story and I
                         hit a road block, but I figured out
                         a way to bypass it and that's where
                         you come inů if you want.

                         As long as it's illegal, it's cool
                         with me.

                         Good because it is. I need you to
                         help me break into Area 51.

               The conversation is interrupted when the President comes on
               the television.  They both stop to listen.


                         My fellow Americans. As you know I
                         am working hard to solve the
                         problem we have had as a nation for
                         decades now involving nuclear
                         waste.  There is no easy solution.
                         I am reviewing a bill that some
                         think solves that problem.  That
                         bill is about the consolidation of
                         nuclear waste to the Yucca
                         Mountains in Nevada. There have
                         been reports that this
                         administration has already started
                         extracting the waste and
                         transporting it. Those reports are
                         false. What is happening is the
                         testing of the reliability of the
                         canisters and our proposed methods
                         of transport.  Our plan is to clean
                         up our neighborhoods and make our
                         country more safe.  The results of
                         the tests will greatly influence my
                         decision on this issue.  I thank
                         you for your time. God Bless.

               INT. GALAXY HOTEL / LAS VEGAS - DAY

               Damen outraged turns the television off.

                         He's fucking lying.  Everything he
                         said in that speech was complete
                         bullshit. The waste is going to
                         Area 51 not the Yucca Mountains. 
                         And they're not trying to
                         consolidate it.  They're using the
                         waste for some sort of secret
                         military project. I was there man. 
                         I saw it with my own eyes.

               Steve is not paying attention to Damen's rant.

                         You have to be out of your fucking
                         mind.  You want me to help you
                         break into one of the most secure
                         military installations in the world
                         that the government claims doesn't
                         even exist?

                         Are you done?


                         I have proof of the shipments.

               Damen show's Steve the memory stick from the camera.  

                                   DAMEN (CONT'D)
                         I just need proof of what's going
                         on inside those hangers.  Once the
                         paper gets my photo's they'll
                         release the truth to the people.

                         I don't know man.  This is a little
                         out of our league, don't you think?

                         The American people have the right
                         to know if their government is
                         lying to them.
                         I just need you to get me to the

                         And how is that going to happen?

                         I need you to steal an old plane
                         from the dropzone and get me in the
                         air.  I'll take it from there.

                         Great, and what am I supposed to do
                         when I'm being chased by fucking F
                         15's and shit because I broke their
                         airspace? 87% of  Nevada is
                         restricted airspace if you didn't

                             (dead serious)
                         Don't be there when it lands.

               Damen grabs a black nylon outfit and shows it to Steve.  

               Steve contemplates for a moment and smiles.


                         Tonight.  Here take this.  If
                         anything happens to me, make sure
                         this PDA gets to my editor.

                         I'm not taking shit.  You're going
                         to deliver it yourself.

                         Steve, I'm serious.  You'll be able
                         to download all of the pictures
                         I'll be sending you.  It's the only
                         way to make sure the truth gets


               An old Cessna 182 is taking off from the runway.

               INT. CESSNA - NIGHT

               The Cessna looks as if it was made from pieces of other
               planes.  There's no consistent coloring, the seats have huge
               holes from the springs pushing through and the only window is
               the front windscreen, which is cracked.

               The plane sputters through the sky with an engine that sounds
               as if it will cut out at any second.

               Damen is wearing a black skydiving wingsuit.  He's preparing
               his camera helmet.  Steve is trying his best to keep the
               plane in the sky.

                         Alright dude we're about 10 minutes
                         out. We should be breaking their
                         airspace in 5.

                         Could you have gotten a shitier
                         plane?  I'm surprised this thing
                         got airborne.

                         What the fuck do you care, you're
                         never going to see it again.

               Damen laughs

                         Do you have someone to pick
                         us up?

                         Don't worry about it, you just do
                         what you do and don't get pinched
                         this time.

                         What's her name?

                         Her name is don't worry about it.
                         Look, just make sure you get to the
                         spot on time.

               They both smile.

               Steve looks at the GPS to check their location.  Over his
               headset he hears the voice of an air traffic controller.

                                   AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER (O.S.)
                         Unidentified aircraft you have just
                         crossed into restricted airspace.
                         Please identify yourself and adjust
                         your course accordingly.

               Damen and Steve look at each other.  Damen begins to zip up
               his wingsuit. Steve's is already on.

                                   AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER (O.S.)
                         I say again, unidentified aircraft
                         you have crossed into restricted
                         airspace. Identify yourself and
                         adjust your course accordingly.

               Again they ignore the request.  Damen removes his headset and 
               puts on his camera helmet.

               Steve gives the signal for 6 minutes out. 

               Moments later there's another message.

                                   AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER (O.S.)
                         Military Aircraft have been
                         notified to your position.

               Damen gets out of the plane and is holding on the wing
               support of the Cessna.  Because of his black suit, Steve has
               a hard time seeing him against the night sky and he is only 5
               ft away.

               EXT. SKY - NIGHT

               Two Apache attack helicopters have identified the Cessna and
               are closing in on its position.  

                                   APACHE PILOT 1
                             (into his headset)
                         Unidentified aircraft if you do
                         not identify yourself and alter
                         your course we have the
                         authorization to fire.  Do you

               INT. CESSNA - NIGHT

               Steve yells out.

                         Go. Go. Go.

               Damen drops into the nighttime sky at 15000 ft, invisible to
               everyone.  He expands his wings and is off.

               At the same moment the Cessna immediately changes course
               toward unrestricted air space.


               Apache Pilot 1 notifies Apache Pilot 2.  

               The Apache's radar equipment shows the Cessna changing

                                   APACHE PILOT 1
                             (into his headset)
                         Unidentified bogie is flying out of
                         zone. We'll escort him to the
                         ground and find out who this
                         asshole is.  Notify the F.A.A.

                                   APACHE PILOT 2
                             (into his headset)
                         Roger, returning to base.

               EXT. SKY - NIGHT

               Apache 2 peels out to return to base

               Damen with his wings extended is maximizing his glide and
               fall rate, flying through the sky.

               INT. CESSNA - NIGHT

               Steve exits restricted airspace and puts the Cessna on
               autopilot.  He climbs out under the wing of the plane and he
               too jumps out into the sky with his wingsuit.

               EXT. SKY - NIGHT

               Apache 1 is still following the Cessna.  

                                   APACHE PILOT 1
                             (into his headset)
                         I say again identify yourself.

               The low fuel light glows on the Cessna's instrument panel. 
               The plane starts to drop in altitude.

               INT. APACHE 1 - NIGHT

               The Apache Pilot looks at his radar.  Not fully believing the
               reading, he gives the screen a thump with his hand.  Nothing

                                   APACHE PILOT 1
                             (into his headset)
                         Command this is Super 7-1 we
                         have a situation here.
                         Unidentified bogie is losing
                         altitude and there is no civilian
                         landing zone in sight.
                         Notify emergency ground crews.

               Moments later the unmanned Cessna crashes into the side of
               the mountain range.

               TRIPLE SCREEN

               Both wing suit pilots witness the crash of the Cessna into
               the mountain.  Against the midnight sky the explosion is a
               beautiful sight.

               EXT. SKY / DAMEN - NIGHT

               Damen circles the base from the air and notices the convoy of
               trucks he was following before.  He also sees that a facility
               is under construction and cargo is being unloaded there.

               A warning beep is heard in his ear from his helmet.  He
               collapses his wings and deploys his parachute that is also
               black.  He steers his parachute around a ridge and lands out
               of site.

               EXT. SKY / STEVE - NIGHT

               Steve is under his canopy with the biggest grin on his face.  
               He sees his destination, which is a two-lane road.

               As he lands off the side of the road to hide behind bushes, a
               Jeep Wrangler approaches.  There's not another car in sight
               for miles.  He pulls out a flashlight and begins flashing at
               the approaching vehicle.  The Jeep flashes back.  He then
               grabs his gear, waits at the side of the road and once the
               Jeep has stopped, places it in the back.  Driving the Jeep is
               a beautiful female.  He gets in and gives the girl a very
               passionate kiss.

                         I hope you got video.

                         Fuck.  I forgot.

               The girl shakes her head and they drive off.

               EXT. AREA 51 - NIGHT

               Damen in his black outfit is kneeling behind the side of a
               hanger hiding his gear.  He disconnects the camera from his
               helmet and begins to look through the lens. He witnesses men
               unloading huge canisters off of trucks and placing them
               inside one of the hangers.  All of the men are wearing
               protective radioactive clothing.

               He moves to another location trying to get better shots when
               he sees what he saw circling from the air, a new facility
               under construction.  Another load of cargo has just arrived
               and the men are quickly unloading it.

               He focuses the lens even tighter on one of the oil drums and
               it reads "Hazardous Materials".  

               He continues to gather incriminating photographic evidence.

               The security breech sirens of the base suddenly scream out.

               Damen tries to plug his ears but the sound is too deafening.
               Finally the memory full light illuminates the eyepiece of the
               camera.  Damen plugs the camera into the PDA device and
               uploads the photos to Steve.   As Damen turns to grab his
               gear, He faces the barrel of an M4 machine gun.

                             (into throat microphone)
                         We got him.

               Fully armed military soldiers emerge out of nowhere
               surrounding Damen.

               EXT. NEVADA DESERT - NIGHT

               Steve and the girl are in the Jeep at the meeting point
               waiting for Damen to emerge from the desert.  Steve has the
               PDA device in his lap and is downloading all of the photos
               from Damen.  They hear the base sirens go off in the
               distance.  The screen on the device reads SIGNAL INTERRUPTED. 
               Steve looks to see how much of the information was sent.  The
               screen reads 45 of 50 pictures successfully transferred.

                         We have to go.

                         We can't, we have to wait for 

               Suddenly there are multiple headlights in the distance racing
               from the base toward their location.

                         We have to go now. We have to get
                         out of here.

               As the Jeep pulls onto the road Steve gives a desperate look
               back into the desert. 

               INT. HANGER / AREA 51 - NIGHT (PRESENT)

               Damen is sitting in the middle of the hanger with his hands
               and feet zip tied to a chair.  A soldier punches him in the
               face again.  

               Damen's eyes reopen.

                             (from the shadows)
                         Who's on the other end of your

               Damen can barely get the words out.

                             (spitting up blood)
                         The American people.


               A man in a business suit walks down the street drinking
               coffee.  Dodging his way through the morning crowd, he stops
               at a newsstand.  The headline, "Nuclear Waste Used in Secret
               Project at Area 51" catches his eye.  Accompanying the
               article are many of the photographs Damen has taken.  Another
               stack of papers has the headline of "Baseball Superstar
               Involved in Sex Scandal". The man grabs change from his
               pocket and pays the vendor.  He pick up the paper about the
               baseball star, places it under his arm and walks off down the

                                                       	FADE TO BLACK:

                                                                     THE END